EA Masters – Medium Supplier Category Gold Award

Posted on 5th October 2017 by Jordan Holmes

Launching our repertoire of property achievements this month, the EA Masters, a glittering ceremony at London O2’s Intercontinental Hotel, on the 22nd September, was an outstanding one.

The awards comprised an extensive study of the UK’s 30,000 estate and lettings agency branches including online and hybrid estate agents, and organisers. The Property Academy asked estate agents to rate their suppliers on a scale of 0-10. From the results of this survey, they identified the top 20% of suppliers categorised under three headings: Highly Rated, Excellent and those who received the highest scores: Exceptional.

The EA Masters event comprised an all-day conference providing information, ideas, insights and inspiration to property professionals such as our own, sharing the advantages of using our specialist auction and property services. The awards ceremony, hosted by broadcaster, Gabby Logan, followed the conference, shining a light upon all those making a difference to the property industry.

EA Masters - Medium Supplier Category Gold Award
EA Masters – Medium Supplier Category Gold Award

Unbeknown to both Jamie Cooke and Ben Ridgway, as well as our excellent team of managers and directors looking their finest; we achieved an exceptional rating in the Medium Supplier Category, winning the gold award.

Jamie comments: “We are delighted to have won this award – the EA Masters achievement is a collective effort by everyone involved with IAM Sold. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support, dedication and hard work of our people and our partner agencies.”

Ben Ridgway, added: “It is fantastic to be recognised for the service we provide to clients via the EA Masters. We continue to invest in the business and our people, and we are excited about the future. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships even further and continuing to evolve.”

Thank you to all the people and partners of IAM Sold, Intelligent Services Group and The Conveyancing Partnership for helping us make this achievement possible. We would further like to extend our gratification to The Property Academy and all those who visited us on such a fantastic day. See you next year!

Jordan Holmes

Marketing Executive

My name is Jordan Holmes and I am the Marketing Executive at Intelligent Services Group. I have a BA (Hons) in Marketing and Advertising Management which I obtained from Leeds Metropolitan University. I have a keen interest in rugby union, golf, football, weight training and scuba diving. I also have a passion for music and travel. Read more posts from Jordan
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Responding to your reply on my initial review. The Rental charge wasn't on the starter pack because we looked so your claim is incorrect. The reason for the delay was because the seller solicitor blatantly refused to pay the rental charge and we decided to pay it because of the time wasted, and our solicitor needed to notify our lender about this rental charge development because no one from our side knew about this until the last minute, if this rental charge was stated from the beginning the lender would have been notified earlier and it would have been sorted out earlier. The idea of putting down a non refundable deposit only gives room for yourselves , the buyer and their solicitors to treat the seller how ever they like because they have nothing to lose. When this issue started we called Iam sold and no one could tell us anything, kept putting us on hold and saying there is nothing they can do then wait. So what exactly did you do again? Its not like we had a choice to buy the house without paying the fee, so yes we paid it but that doesn't mean we enjoyed paying it because it was fair. After the fee was paid all the initial interest and treatment stopped and no one cared to resolved the issue or give us a straight answer. Anyway you asked for a review, this is how we felt. Like i said never felt this frustrated in any other purchase i have made.
Fee was just too high and i didn't feel like they did anything to warrant the fee, said house would complete soon but it completed over 6 weeks after we were told it would complete. Seller said no other fees associated with the house and all of a sudden after everything was done boom! they revealed the house had a rent charge attached to it. The most frustrating purchase i have done. Never using this auction again.
Really happy with the sale of our property. Great help, would use again!!