Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics

Posted on 22nd June 2018 by Jordan Holmes

Festival season is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate the summer festivities than breaking down the best cities for culture vultures and music fanatics. So, time to take in that well-needed sun, drink a warm beer from your tent and get those wellies nice and moody because this is our Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics.


Notting Hill Carnival - Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics

Crowds at Notting Hill Carnival 2013

An obvious choice. London is a cooking pot of cultures, nationalities and some of the most elaborate and exciting festivals in the UK. With the likes of LoveboxNotting Hill CarnivalBritish SummertimeWirelessField Day and so much more, you will be overwhelmed with the choice of music and diversity.

While the catalogue of festivals in London is continuously expanding, everyone knows the festival season is just a blip on the cities hustle and bustle and metropolitan vibrance, using mass gentrification to develop some of the most niche and popular places for foodies and creatives alike. Having a huge variety of activities outside of the music festival scene, it certainly doesn’t distract the tens of thousands of people each year flooding the city for live music and the most profound names in the industry. So, if you want to take the tube to a festival, stop off at Camden market for some clothes and food, all the while not be drenched in mud and the English rain, then London is the city for you.

Having access to unlimited entertainment has its price though, and we all know London is far from cheap. In recent news, house prices have drastically fallen over the past couple of months by 3.2% – the fastest decline in 9 years reports Halifax. While this doesn’t reflect prices still being at an all-time high in comparison to the rest of the country, it does open opportunities for many people to scoop up a property at a more reasonable price, just ahead of festival season.

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Edinburgh - Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics

From one capital to another. Edinburgh is home to a diverse number of festivals, from the Edinburgh Fringe to The Edinburgh International Festival and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – the list goes on. If you’re looking to take a more cultural approach to your festival season, then Edinburgh maybe the city for you. With deep seeded history, ingrained in the city’s architecture alone, Edinburgh takes much more of a creative and artistic approach to the festival season.

Although a lot colder, wetter and far away from the madness of London, Edinburgh certainly receives as much excitement as the English capital; if not more when it comes to comedy acts and artistic insights. However, don’t worry, if films, ‘funnies’ and art aren’t your thing, Edinburgh is only an hour away from T in the Park, one of the UK’s largest festivals, with plenty of warm beer, muddy swamps and music hysteria to keep you entertained.

While London begins its descent to a more stable housing market, Edinburgh is struggling; making the cultural city as demanding as London, although not as pricey. Edinburgh’s prices are still seeing an increase due to limited housing supply and a lack of architectural space. However, if your one for a diverse culture of arts in the world’s second-best city to live (outstripping London by a mile), then Edinburgh is the place for you.

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Manchester - Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics

Manchester, the UK’s music hub and home to some of the world’s biggest bands. From The Smiths to Oasis, New Order to The Stone Roses, The Chemical Brothers and even Take That, Manchester’s music scene never seems to slow down, and the same with their list of festivals.

The heart of UK music culture and the catalyst to the rise in so many genres, Manchester is the place to be if you want to make a splash onto the live music scene. Holding some of the most renowned festivals for a multitude of music taste (ParklifeWarehouse ProjectSound of the CityDot to Dot and much more), Manchester combines industrial northern grit with elaborate and cultural music from around the world – not to mention the cities wide range of gentrified areas offering a variety of international foods, art and culture; bringing a spectrum of colour to the red-bricked town.

Unfortunately, Manchester’s property growth and popularity among businesses and individuals looking to escape the stress of London have caused an enormous shift in property prices. Some professionals and research bodies have suggested recently that property prices have been seen to increase as much as £100 year on year. However, don’t let this put you off, if you see yourself as a budding Gallagher or a flowery Morrisey, then auction can help get a footing into the musician’s paradise – meeting at a price agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

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Liverpool - Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics

Moving a little south, Liverpool has made it onto our Top Five Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics. And rightfully so. Home to The Beatles, Echo and the Bunnymen and The LA’s, Liverpool offers a diverse, and if not a little Beatles heavy, place for culture, music and art – with areas such as The Albert Dock becoming newly developed and modernised without losing its industrious charm.

The city itself boasts more than 20 music festivals throughout the year, including the Liverpool International Music Festival in Sefton Park. New Irish festival The Feis, in July on the waterfront, as well as the Baltic Weekender, Sound City and a short drive to the electronic thuds of Creamfields.

As a city on the rise, Liverpool is seeing a dramatic change in property prices; shooting up by a whopping 12.5% over the last year. Similar to Manchester, there has been no sign of slowing at the moment, with specific developments such as The Tannery trying to balance the market with new builds below £100,000.

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Sheffield – Top 5 Places to Live for Culture Vultures and Music Festival Fanatics

Home to the Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, The Human League and many other Indie, rock and alternative bands, Sheffield holds a top five position as it grows and populates the live music scene. With two universities and a young population, Sheffield has an energetic, youthful vibe. The famous music festival Tramlines is one of the South Yorkshire city’s most significant claims to fame, with the likes of smaller events such as BassFest, Fearfest to celebrate the city’s food, folk and charm. Furthermore, with the likes of neighbouring cities such as Leeds hosting the world-renowned Leeds & Reading Festival, there are multiple ways to quickly jump on some transport and visit one of the UK’s biggest festivals up north – not to mention, Manchester and Liverpool being just as close when considering train connections.

According to Reeds Rains, the average flat price in Sheffield is £315,000. Young professionals are one of the largest groups of buyers, snapping up two to three-bedroom from £250,000 in the Ecclesall and Crookes suburbs. New-build apartments in the city centre are also in demand and start at £250,000, but you can find bargains for as low as £125,000, using the Modern Method of Auction to open up the market.

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