Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018

Posted on 16th August 2018 by Jordan Holmes

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So, what better way to celebrate your chances of winning this fantastic trip than taking a tour of the city itself and the hotspots you’d visit along the way. Over the next three blogs we will be discussing the best places to visit from upper Manhattan to lower, our local guide to hidden spots, and finally a guide to the do’s and don’ts of New York life, just in case you decide to stay.

From Wall Street’s glistening skyscrapers and colourful Times Square to Central Park’s leafy paths and the Lower East Side’s ultra-hip bars, let’s kick off with the top Our Top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018.

Central Park

Looking to sit in a café and feel like the cast of Friends? Or how about a romantic stroll through the park as the snow settles on the vast greenery? Central Park is one of the glistening gems of the city, becoming a National Historic Landmark in 1963, Central Park spans a huge 874 acres and features its own zoo and theatre – both a must see for anyone visiting there for the first time. Admission to Central Park is free, but the price of activities varies significantly.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - Central Park
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – Central Park

American Museum of Natural History ($23 Entry)

The American Museum of Natural History is one of the most famous museums in the world and includes 25 connected buildings, 46 exhibition halls, and more than 32 million specimens to stare at in awe. Costing $23 entry, history lovers can spend hours wandering around the vast open halls taking in the variety of historical animals and people from across the centuries. The Natural History Museum is even home to a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex, however, unlike the film “Night at the Museum” the monster won’t try and eat you. However, like Bens Stiller in the movie, you can visit the museum at night for some late-night touring.

Museum of Modern Art & Metropolitan Museum of Art  ($25 Entry Each)

Both two of the most prominent art museums in America, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art are a must for anyone looking to release their inner creative. Both situated in the upper east of Manhattan next to central park and about a mile apart from each other are two very different but interesting museums to visit. Both museums cost $25 entry with children under 12 getting in free – but let’s face it, will you really be bringing the kids?

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Surrounded by a sea of modern skyscrapers and the bustling streets of 5th Avenue, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a spectacular 19th-century church steeped in tradition and known for its impressive works of art and stained-glass windows. Marvel at the neo-Gothic twin spires of one of the largest Catholic churches in the United States and embrace its diversity in a city built up of contemporary architecture.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - St Patrick's Cathedral
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – St Patrick’s Cathedral

Rockefeller Centre – ($36 Entry and View From the Top)

The iconic Rockefeller Centre is in central Manhattan, spanning 22 acres and featuring 19 commercial buildings in New York, The Rockefeller Centre is one of the most popular attractions in NYC. A beautiful New York destination all year long, the Rockefeller Centre is home to numerous NY events, TV shows, and (luckily for you) the famous lighting of the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree to celebrate the beginning of the seasonal festivities.

Time Square

Find yourself blinded by the electric beauty of “The Crossroads of the World”. Times Square is one of the most popular commercial intersections globally. Located in central Manhattan at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, this popular NYC attraction, especially among tourists, is home to top destinations such as the Naked Cowboy, ABC’s Times Square Studios, and Planet Hollywood. More than a third of a million people pass through the iconic Times Square every day.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - Time Square
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – Time Square

NYC Public Library

Founded in 1911, the NYC Public Library is home to over 15 million items, including rare books, special collections, and a massive database of newspaper articles dating back centuries. Whether you’re a bookworm, a casual reader, or someone who prefers a TV, the NYC Library is a place worth visiting just for its extravagance. Guided Tours are available at the Library for free and leave at 11am and 2pm daily.

Grand Central Station

The centre of the subway interchange and the big apple’s connection to the rest of the country. Having stood in Midtown Manhattan since 1871, Grand Central is the largest train station in the world based on the number of platforms it features – having 44 platforms in total! With such impressive architecture, it is definitely worth a visit if you’re not using one of the platforms already. There are even certain corners of the station, due to the shape, where if one person stands at one corner and another person stands at the adjacent corner, you can speak to each other like cups on a string.

Empire State Building ($37 – $57)

The Empire State Building is one of the most iconic and tallest landmarks in New York City – a crucial piece of the NYC Skyline that brings in tourists from all over the world.

A feat of true American accomplishment, the Empire State Building in New York City, stands 1454 feet tall and is currently the 9th tallest building in the world and the 4th tallest freestanding structure in the Americas. This NY monument has 102 stories and was the first building ever to have more than 100 stories. The Empire State Building was also named the 7th wonder of the world by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The 7th world wonder has attracted 120 million people to its New York observatories. That is nearly 3.6 million visitors a year! To climb the building and observe the magnificent city it will cost $37 to go up to the 86th floor. $57 for both the 86th and the 102nd floor.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - Empire State Building
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – Empire State Building

Madison Square Gardens (Avg $30 entry)

For all you sports fans out there, Madison Square Gardens is a must see. Opened in 1968, it is the oldest active arena in NBA and NHL. Home to the New York Knicks, Rangers and Liberty there are many events for you to attend, averaging at $30 per person. If sports aren’t your thing, don’t worry, MSG is also famous for its concerts and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show if you’d rather ditch the dunking and go for something a little different.

Union Square

The astir Union Square neighbourhood is anchored by its namesake; a pedestrian plaza and bustling park, which attracts a mix of professionals, street artists, students and protesters. The surrounding streets are lined with high-rise apartments and big-name chain stores, as well as casual eateries and cafes. The stalls of the long-running Union Square Greenmarket draw crowds for local produce and artisanal food, with a special Christmas market popping up mid-November.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - Union Square
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – Union Square


We all know London’s Soho, but what about New York’s? The area that SoHo encompasses starts just south of Houston Street and is everything north of Canal Street, between Broadway and Crosby. It is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in New York City, it is often described as a hub of creativity, shopping, art galleries, filming spots and modern hotels – so don’t forget your spending money.

Little Italy

A little less classy and a lot more homely, Little Italy is the place for delicious NY styled Italian food and souvenirs for friends and family. First forming in the 1880’s by Neapolitan and Sicilian immigrants, little Italy quickly became Not-So-Little Italy as more and more Italians flooded the area. Nowadays the strong Italian presence has shrunk down to the blocks surrounding Mulberry Street. Regardless, the Italian pride remains during the annual Feast of San Gennaro. You can’t beat the authentic pasta dishes served by the best Italian restaurants. However, the food is not the only draw—some of the best clothing stores in the city are located on Mulberry Street, not to mention some of the best bars in NYC.

Ground Zero ($26 Entry)

Ground zero, an iconic yet devastating tourist spot that reignites the memories of 9/11 and the twin tower catastrophe. Supporting where once stood the World Trade Centre is a memorial and museum honouring all those who were affected by the events that took place on September 11, 2001; standing as a place of respect and unity.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - Ground Zero
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – Ground Zero

Wall Street

Feel like Jordan Belford as you walk the streets of Wall Street like a hedge fund banker. Located in the famous Financial District neighbourhood in Manhattan, Wall Street refers to the neighbourhood that includes the New York Stock Exchange. It is a melting pot of tourists and financiers and is a mecca for the elite in the financial world.

Statue of Liberty ($19 Entry)

The Statue of Liberty, the symbol of freedom and democracy is one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions, captivating thousands of visitors a year from all over the globe. As one of the most recognisable and well-known women in the world, the Statue of Liberty has a resume that would make any movie star jealous. Pencil in an inexpensive, fun-filled date with Lady Liberty on your next New York City vacation and get up-close and personal with one of America’s most famous landmarks.

Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 - Statue of Liberty
Our top New York City Hotspots to Visit in 2018 – Statue of Liberty
Please note: Some of the information and links have been sourced from travel websites, but all information is factual and has been written in our style and language. 

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